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The Latest Phantom Feature Short: The Last Letter (Raw and Unedited Version)

Dear Humans,

I don’t know where to begin. I’m sure everyone is wondering how I arrived on death row. Ironically, I’m glad to have finally made it here. I’ve spent countless days being transported from facility to facility. Jail cell to jail cell. The days spent here are one big blur. It’s rather funny, in fact, that you humans use this concept of time, breaking it down into days, hours, minutes, and even seconds. How long will it be before your race grasps the concept that the past, present, and future already exists simultaneously? That the concept of time is nothing but a man-made perception. Here I am, paradoxically dying on the day of love. One that you call, “Valentine’s Day.” A funny concept, indeed.

But I digress. There’s a lot of reasons why one could wind up here, on death row, or so I’ve heard. I’m not writing this to beg for my innocence. Though, that’s already gone straight down the toilet. No. I am going to tell you where the president is, however. It’s not an easy story to tell. I’ll leave it up to your discretion if you believe me or not.

In fact, I don’t entirely expect you to believe me. Humans are extremely 3D, or in layman's terms, in the third dimension. You see, the best way for me to explain this concept is to imagine the different dimensions like a spiral. A spiral forever spinning deeper and deeper into the abyss. Souls brought into the third dimension can manifest in human form. Living in 3D allows humans to acknowledge their existence and think for themselves. They also have the capability of imagining what could be greater than themselves.

Humans also have the capability of evolving into the fourth dimension of consciousness, where they are aware that there is more to life than what they can physically see. They are aware that there is more to this universe, beyond what they can comprehend. When souls attain the fourth dimension of consciousness, they realize that their soul has a purpose greater than anything material goods could provide. However, the fourth dimension cannot entirely grasp the concept that we are all one.

There have been reports of the fifth dimension of consciousness being present in the human body. Though, this is rare. Souls living a human experience in 5D are usually brought to Earth with the intent on influencing your beings. They are here to enlighten you that we are all one. That there is one God, one universe. All souls are only meant to ascend. For example, as a human, you can only ascend from the 3D level of consciousness.

As with all dimensions, there is a scale. Therefore, it is possible for a soul living a human experience to ascend from a lower frequency to a higher frequency, but still within the 3D level of consciousness. Our goal as 5D beings is to expand your consciousness, so that you may be reborn in a higher frequency. Eventually, your soul will be able to grasp universal concepts and graduate to a 4D level of consciousness.

Once you reach 6D, you have reached a vibrational frequency too high for this Earth. You will be unable to materialize within this atmosphere. However, you will be reborn on a planet much more fruitful and abundant than this. There is a total of seven dimensions. As you graduate from the seven dimensions, you will then be reborn into the next higher octave, starting with 1D once again. The difference between 1D in this world versus in a more complex world is that you have attained a deeper level of consciousness. Thus, you’re deeper into the never-ending spiral of consciousness.

Eventually, as your soul continues its journey down the forever spinning spiral, you will begin merging with souls within your circle. Souls typically travel within the same family. With each ascension and rebirth, your soul has the potential of actually merging with another soul. That’s why you have some many different facets and layers to your personality. You’ve accumulated a number of souls with each reincarnation. The further you ascend into the spiral of consciousness, the more you will mesh with the rest of the universe, eventually joining God as one.

Now that I’ve watered down the concept of a basic human being to understand, I can begin to tell you about my relationship with the president. You see, all beings here on Earth have the potential to open up their intuitive channels. Once you open up your channels, especially the third eye, you have the potential to interact with celestial beings. In order to achieve such contact, however, you must raise your vibrations enough to at least the fourth dimension. The president was merely one of the souls living a human experience that had raised his vibrational energy.

That’s when he opened up the gateway to speak with me. Yes, you read that right. I would be considered one of the celestial beings. My planet is further away than the human mathematical understanding can grasp. Through much hard work and deep diving into his own soul, he was able to open up his channels to receive messages from us. Since I am vibrating on the sixth dimension, I was guided by God to interact with a 4D soul, in a distant land, to bring awareness to where our souls go after death.

Humans have an extremely hard time grasping the concept of death. Though I’ve interacted amongst your species for only a few several years, I’ve found that many beings vibrating lower within the 3D don’t even speculate there is anything beyond death. I’m here to tell you that there is. Oh, there is an endless number of lifetimes, my friends. And your soul will keep reincarnating over and over again, here on Earth, until you reach a higher frequency. Only then will you be able to be born on a different planet.

Your soul will keep reincarnating, merging with your soul family as time passes. Though, on a side note, I must tell you that time is only a man-made concept. Time ceases to exist in the law of the universe. Your past, present, and future already exists as one. Everything that you imagine happening to yourself right now, has essentially, already happened in another dimension. But I digress.

The so-called president has learned about the Law of One from me. He desperately wanted to raise his frequency enough so that he’d be able to reincarnate on a new planet—my planet. I told him, that it was up to God to decide which lessons his soul needed to learn first, in order to then pass on to a heightened level of consciousness. However, since speaking with me, he had attained a higher level of consciousness, and I could tell through the energy he was sending me back, that he was beginning to resonate within the fifth dimension.

As a being in the sixth dimension, my goal is to help your souls vibrate at a higher frequency, so that you can then merge with souls from my planet. From there, we will all rise up together, getting closer to the goal of becoming one with God. I felt like it was my obligation to help the president. Help show him love. Help show him that money and all these material possessions mean nothing.

What does matter, however, is what your soul sets out to do. With a conglomerate of traits and gifts that you’re given, it’s your purpose on Earth to use those gifts to help raise up the frequencies of others. It’s okay to enjoy books, art, music, technology, video games, movies, and so forth. These are all things that raise your vibration. Being out in nature, enjoying the planet that you are given; that’s another way to raise your vibration. You see? When you choose what to dedicate your life to on Earth, you need to choose a path that will contribute to rising others’ vibrations.

You don’t have to be an artist to do this. The most scientific individuals can raise the entire planet’s frequency by dedicating their work to, let’s say, studying the ecosystem. Or perhaps, studying disease. This research can all lead to exciting ways of how to improve lives here on Earth, thus, raising the entire planet’s level of consciousness. One day, you may all rise up to a 4D level of consciousness. By the time that your planet has attained 5D, it may no longer be visible to your species. It will cease to exist, as well as your species. Your souls will have moved onto a planet of higher vibration.

Now back to the president. Where is he? That’s the question I’ve been pounded with over and over again. I mean no harm and I want to tell you nothing but the truth. The human brain has such trouble grasping what I have been telling you beings over and over again. I don’t expect you to understand, but ever since the president has been channeling me on a daily basis, as his level of consciousness heightened, he insisted on leaving the Earth now. He wanted to be a part of my planet’s utopia.

I told him, he’s not ready. That he first has live out and experience all his duties on the lower vibration planet before reincarnating on a new planet. Even if he did reincarnate on a new planet, there’s no guarantee that it would be mine. However, since time doesn’t exist, he manifested his own version of reality, materializing me onto this Earth. Through his powerful manifestations, he opened up a portal strong enough for me to beam down onto Earth. With a 6D soul, I was able to reincarnate into a human being. A human being that already existed in the president’s alternate reality.

The president had essentially grasped the alternate reality of me living here on Earth, that already had existed, and manifested it into this point in time. From there, I agreed to act as his mentor. I taught him all about the Law of One. How to raise up individuals’ vibrational frequencies, so that their souls will one day be able to leave Earth and move onto a planet of much more abundance.

When he became president, he meant to change the way the rest of your country thinks. He wanted to get rid of money matters. Create a civilization based on love, rather than hierarchy and competition. Predictably, the rest of your government did not approve of his proposed policies. That’s when I decided to transfer some of my high vibrational energy into his soul, so that he could then walk through the portal, over to my planet. I, in turn, would be forced to live the rest of this lifetime here on Earth in 5D.

So, if you’re asking where your president is, I’m writing this to tell you that he’s no longer here on Earth. He’s over on my planet, living the rest of his current life in a higher vibrational frequency. A higher dimension…the sixth dimension. I am only in a human shell. This body is foreign to me and I feel absolutely no attachment to it. Nor do I feel any attachment to this Earth, because I know that my soul will be reincarnated once again onto another planet with high vibrations once again.

I’m not here to beg any innocence on death row. In fact, I welcome it with open arms. Please, file me over to the chamber you wish to kill me. You’re not really killing me. You’re only killing the shell. The vessel I lived out my experience with, here, on your planet. All that I wish upon you, and for the rest of mankind, is that you figure out your soul’s purpose. That you share your love and gifts with the rest of the souls on this planet. In the end, we are all one. I want you all to attain the highest level of dimensional consciousness, so that you may become one with God. Then, we all will rejoice in His kingdom of abundance. This is only one, short life.

Your fellow alien,


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