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Phantom  Features: The classics

Vengeance on Trespassers Book Cover Art

According to Craig, a two-month-long camping trip, stranded in the middle of nowhere, is the last way he wants to spend summer vacation. Though, he’ll soon find out that muggy weather, no showers, and annoying cousins will be the least of his worries. When Craig comes across the gruesome discovery of a murdered man, he begins experiencing a stream of bizarre attacks…from the dead. Only these aren’t zombies. They come from a much more powerful and malicious entity. When Craig untangles a web of horrific secrets about the property’s past, the rest of the family remains unconvinced. Now, it’s up to Craig to save his family and outrun a vengeful spirit before it’s too late.

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Standing in the Rain

Phantom  Features: The Shorts

12 Morbid Months of the Year EBook.jpg

Celebrate horror year-round with stories about everything from disgruntled employees to the sadistic irony that lies behind the pages of a comic book. In this collection of short stories, experience seasonal changes spiced with different flavors of fear. Flavors which are designed to satisfy the most sophisticated palates. No matter which holidays you choose celebrate, you can be sure that no month of the year is left without a sense of unsettling, impending doom.

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Phantom Features: For Kids

I'd Rather Have a Green Christmas Front Cover.png

Luke loves Christmas. This year, his wish of spending a wholesome Christmas up north with his grandparents comes true. With plenty of games to play, sweets to eat, and gifts under the tree, what could go wrong? After receiving a peculiar gift from Grandpa, Luke decides to investigate a twisted local legend involving Santa’s workshop. However, he soon finds out that Christmas folklore isn’t as joyous as the films and books make it out to be. Sometimes, the mysteries surrounding the magic of Christmas are meant to be left in the dark for good reason.

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